Mobility Bathrooms Buying Guide

Welcome to your complete mobility bathrooms buying guide, from Bathing Safety.


Who are we? We’re a name you can trust. Part of the Orange Badge Mobility Group, Bathing Safety offers 23 years’ experience in designing and installing mobility bathrooms for homeowners throughout Sussex and the South East.

If your bathroom is no longer fully accessible or usable, perhaps due to infirmity, a neurological condition, problems with muscle strength or joint pain, now is the time to re-consider how it’s laid out, and how you use (or can’t use) it.

Now could be the time for a change.

In a nutshell, we offer specialist bathroom installations, all carried out by expert fitters with the highest standards of workmanship. Our surveyors treat each customer’s case individually – no one has the same issues, and every home is different. Therefore, all designs are unique; they’re tailored precisely to your bathroom and your mobility concerns.


If you’re worried about your bathroom looking like it’s “specially adapted”, please don’t be. Why? Because Bathing Safety designs are subtle, chic and contemporary.


Your family will love their smart new bathroom, too. Crucially, as this space can be used by everyone, it could boost the re-sale value of your property. After all, everyone adores a super-stylish bathroom.In 

Your Mobility Bathroom Installation
– What Do You Need?

Consider the following options when thinking about adapting your bathroom:

Full re-modelling. A start-from-scratch approach to re-design the entire room from an accessibility and safety point of view. We’ll remove all your old fixtures and fittings, remove all the obstacles. Here, we’re beginning again and can install equipment that fully meets your requirements:

  • A level-access, or low threshold shower, with full thermostatic controls
  • A walk-in bath, with or without bath lifters – full length if needed, with built in showers. Also with complete temperature control
  • A hands-free toilet – if you have manual dexterity issues
  • Slip-resistant flooring and tiling. No more skating rink floor.
  • Chic new lighting
  • Sinks and basins you can actually reach
  • Storage cupboards you can get to
  • Height adjusted accessories, such as hand and grab rails, and chic storage for your shower gels

Everything will be plumbed in and connected to perfection. Read more about this on your installation appointment page, and our bespoke bathroom designs page.


Partial re-modelling. Some of the above, as required. You may not need everything, but do discuss your current concerns, and where you think your health may take you in the future.

Mobility Accessories

To be fair, you may not require a full or even partial renovation. When it comes to mobility equipment, the team here Bathing Safety has done their research. We’ve handpicked the best of the best.


Why not benefit from one of our high-quality bath lifters? They lower you gently and safely into the bath. And, up again, too. What’s more, you can use them with standard baths.


You may find one of our outstanding toileting aids, a lifesaver, such as a commode chair: no more middle-of-the-night trips to the loo. Perhaps a folding shower seat is on the agenda? Now, you can enjoy a hot shower sitting down.


Don’t forget: grab rails from Bathing Safety could make all the difference to your security and stability, too.

What to Look For from A Mobility Bathrooms Supplier

Firstly, make sure they’re well-established and have the knowledge and expertise you need.


We have over 23 years’ experience, and have installed literally thousands of bathrooms in and around Sussex. We know that we’re the best in the business – our customers tell us so!



Are they flexible?

They should be. In fact, they need to be. Bathing Safety can adapt almost any room into a bathroom – regardless of size or location. This includes a downstairs cloakroom, or a bedroom. Need a wider door to accommodate a wheelchair? We can do that for you, too.



Ensure that there are no hidden costs.

We offer a free survey, a free technical survey, free delivery and installation. For your peace of mind, the Bathing Safety team only uses high-quality tools and materials. The price we quote you is the one that you will pay.



Do they take away your old fixtures and fitting?

Bathing Safety certainly does, yes.



Enquire about how the bathroom will be installed.

With us, you’ll have a Project Manager to oversee the entire process.



Ask about customer service and aftercare. Some companies outsource this.

Bathing Safety offers first-class post-installation advice and trouble-shooting service – all in-house. Our aftercare is for the entire lifecycle of your mobility equipment, and is, although we say it ourselves, outstandingly good.



Confirm guarantees and warranties.

We offer a 2-year, guarantee on our workmanship, and extendable warranties.\

If you need further information not covered in this mobility bathrooms buying guide, do get in touch. We’re here to help you.