Mobility Bathroom Installation

Your Installation Appointment

How will Bathing Safety fit your mobility bathroom? The short answer is: with skill, attention to detail, and to the highest build standards. However, if you’ve been wondering what happens during a mobility bathroom installation, wonder no more.


To keep you in the picture, we’ve bullet-pointed everything from start to finish. But, do get in touch if you have any questions.

Your Home is Your Castle

Firstly and most importantly, the Bathing Safety team never ever forgets that they’re in your home.


They recognise that “having people in” can be stressful – despite your excitement about a brand-new bathroom. Therefore, we’ll put your needs first. As you would expect from a business with 23 years’ experience, we’ll treat you – and your property – with the utmost respect and care.

Managing Your Expectations

We’ll notify you a few weeks in advance of the works, and let you know how long it will take. This will give you plenty of time to make personal arrangements, should this be necessary.


You will be without bathing facilities for a short while, but we can leave the toilet in situ. Ask us about this beforehand. Don’t be concerned. We’ve installed literally thousands of bathrooms, and we’re here to support your needs.

Prompt Arrival

It’s obvious – or it should be, but we’re sticklers on punctuality. If we’re running late, we’ll let you know. The Bathing Safety team will be wearing branded tops – plus we have identification.

Removal of Your Old Fixtures and Fittings – and the Arrival of Your New Ones

If your re-modelling project is substantial, we will start removing your old fixtures to an outside skip on the first day. If smaller, we’ll take everything away when we’ve completed everything.


Also, all your new bathroom products will be delivered ready for the day your installation starts.


We’ll install and fit your new bathroom within a tried and trusted process. What we mean is, a sequence of events that ensures we keep to time, and that the build is high quality.

Project Managed

For best results, a project manager will oversee the tasks and responsibilities of the installation team. This will include installers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, general builders and so on. We’re also happy to work with your interior designer, if you’ve engaged one.


We’ll stay in contact with you throughout, letting you know what we’ve done each day, what we’re going to do the following day – and so on.

All Done

When everything has been completed, we will ask you to add your signature to a sign-off sheet, along with ours. Plus, we’ll explain fully our warranty conditions, and leave a closing letter with you. You will receive a comprehensive electrical certification in the post shortly afterwards.


And now? It’s time for a soak in the bath. Don’t forget your radio. And your bubble bath.