Mobility Bathrooms in Sussex

Are you dreaming of the perfect bathroom? We’re Bathing Safety, an independent, family run business that specialises in superb mobility bathrooms in Sussex, and throughout the South East.

A high quality, walk-in bath or a chic, level access shower from Bathing Safety could help to restore the dignity, freedom and independence at home that you need, and truly deserve.

Part of the Orange Badge Mobility Group, our experience over 23 years tells us that whilst you’re looking for a mobility bathroom, you may not want it to look like one! And why would you? We understand this, and we’ve got it sorted. Our expertise in bespoke bathing solutions mixes a safety-first approach with an eye to elegant, ultra-stylish designs to enhance any home.


Bathing Safety has installed thousands of walk-in baths, level access showers and hands-free toilet solutions in homes throughout the South East. Our fully trained team will fit everything for you – they’ll even take away your old bathroom fittings.

We are Bathing Safety

A practical, non-slip bathroom from Bathing Safety is YOUR best way to start and end the day. Now, you can enjoy secure access to everything in your bathroom.


Obstacle-free, feature-packed and designed just for your needs, this is the perfect mobility bathroom; unique, exceptional and all about your freedom, privacy and independence.


Equally, it can be an ideal space for assisted bathing without having to modify your whole bathroom.


And, the whole family can use it, too.


Enjoy a hot shower or bath. Use your height-adjusted sink with ease. Let grab rails offer you a helping hand. Feel clean and fresh after each visit to the toilet. There’s even easy-to-reach storage for all your special potions and lotions.

Is this You?

Are you concerned about any of the following?


    • You can no longer lift your leg over the side of the bath
    • Your balance comes and goes a little, and you’re worried about falling over in the bathroom.
    • Slipping in the shower is a real possibility, nothing feels secure
    • You’re not quite as steady on your feet as you used to be. Perhaps the bathroom is a bit of an obstacle course
    • You use a wheelchair, and everything is just that little bit beyond your reach – or there isn’t enough space.
    • Using the toilet with manual dexterity problems is awkward and difficult

Bathing Safety is here to help. With the knowledge and expertise you need, courtesy of our consultants, we’d like to think that our bespoke designs are BIG problem-solvers. In other words, solutions for safer bathing – for an easier, more comfortable way of living.


Talk to us about your challenges. Our specialists will survey and measure your existing bathroom, and offer you a proposal tailored precisely to the dimensions of the room, and your requirements.

Everything You Need – from Bathing Safety, THE Bathroom Experts

If you want your bathing to be both easier and safer, all within a beautiful room that adds to the value of your home, then contact us today.

Level Access Showers

So many amazing features for your comfort and safety. All with flat, non-slip, easy-drain flooring, too. Start your day in style.

Walk-In Baths

Simply step into your bath via a low-entry door for a luxurious, long soak. Safe, thermostatic controls mean that every day is bath day.

Toileting Aids

From basic commodes to fully high-end automatic toileting solutions to support manual dexterity problems, we’ve got all your personal needs covered.

Bath Lifters

Body dryers, shower seating and a whole host of other accessories to make your bathroom safer, and more accessible.

Bathroom Accessories

Body dryers, shower seating and other solutions and accessories to make your bathroom easier to use and more accessible.

Why Choose Bathing Safety?

Because your freedom and dignity are at the heart of everything we do. And, your independence. With over 23 years’ experience, we’ve seen first hand how mobility issues can affect people’s lives.


It’s distressing, life-limiting, and it simply will not do.


Bathing Safety cares passionately about your quality of life, and we’d like to play our part to make every day a pleasure. Unlike our competitors, our expert design consultants can offer you a detailed, bespoke bathroom plan AND an accurate quote at our first visit. But there’s NO hard sell. We’re happy to move forwards, but only when you are.

Not only can we design your new mobility bathroom, Bathing Safety has an expert team of fitters who will install everything to the highest build standards. It’s a complete service from start to finish.

What do we mean?

Simply, that your beautiful new bathroom will be ready to use immediately. And, we’ll take away all your old bathroom fittings with us, too.


There’s a 2-year unconditional warranty, and you’re fully protected by our £10 million Public Liability Insurance cover.

Visit our Showroom

Come and see us at our 8,000 sq ft showroom in Lewes. We’re open six days a week, and we’d be delighted to introduce you to our mobility bathrooms department.


Ask as many questions as you like. Our highly trained staff are at your disposal to demonstrate the features and benefits of all our bathroom solutions. Seeing them up close will help you to imagine how they would look – and what differences they could make – in YOUR home.


There’s a warm welcome, as well as complementary tea or coffee. Can’t make it? Just give us a call, and we can arrange a home-based survey.

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If you want your bathing to be both easier and safer, all within a beautiful room that adds to the value of your home, then contact us today.