5 Key Benefits of a Hot Bath

Ah, a lovely long soak in the bath.


After a long day, is there anything more enjoyable than bath time? There’s no rush to do anything, or be anywhere. It’s just a blissful half an hour – or more – to yourself. Time for some relaxation and rejuvenation. Perhaps with some bubble bath, and your favourite music.


Or, that’s how it should be.


Here at Bathing Safety, as the leading provider of mobility bathrooms in the South East, we’re aware that disability and access issues make bathing a near impossibility. We hear this often. Physical challenges with climbing in and out of the bath have perhaps put an end to the pleasure of immersing yourself in hot water.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


The Bathing Safety Solution


You CAN enjoy a bath.


We supply, fit and install a wide range of low-entry fully accessible baths that eliminate the problem at once.


Entry is by means of a hinged waterproof door that seals tight. Our range offers models with a fixed seat at a comfortable height, or a powered seat that gently lowers you to the bottom of your bath, then back up again. Plus, with thermostatically controlled water, there’s no danger of scalding yourself.


Our highly qualified and experienced bathroom fitters will get the job done to the highest standards – they’ll even take away your old fixtures and fittings.


Problem solved.


Why not book a free, at-home, no-obligation survey to discuss what would work best for you. With over 23 years’ experience, there is nothing, but nothing that we don’t know about bathrooms.


So, whilst you’re making a note of our number – 03442 16 16 16, we’ve put together this article about the benefits of a hot bath to help you look forward to getting your bathing habit back again. It’s not just about getting clean and feeling fresh, there are more pluses than you thought.


1. A hot bath helps you sleep more soundly

It would appear that a long bath helps improve the quality of your sleep. That is, you’re more likely to spend time actually asleep, rather than tossing and turning, trying to do so.


Rather contrary to what seems logical, a hot bath cools your body temperature, bringing a large amount of blood flow to the surface of your body and through the skin when you are immersed in heat. This causes a drop in body temperature, which is needed to start you off on a good night’s sleep.


2. A hot bath can relieve stress

Stress. It’s the bane of most of our lives. After a busy day, it’s obvious that your body needs to let go and unwind. Stress can be caused by the muscles in the body contracting; imagine everything bunching up, if you will. Clearly, stress is NOT good for your heart and soul.


Bathing is a highly effective way to relieve all that knotty, jumbled stress spaghetti. Being submerged in hot water allows your muscles to loosen and calms your nervous system. A fabulous, indulgent way to promote your overall wellbeing.


3. A hot bath can keep your skin supple

You’d think that if you spend too long in the bath, wrinkled prune-like skin would be the result. But, happily – the opposite is true. A hot bath can actually leave your skin softer, and moister for longer, which in turn prevents dryness.


As a mobility business that promotes wellbeing, we love this fact.


And, did you know that hot water can speed up the healing process in the skin? It acts as a natural antibiotic.


Don’t go too hot on the water, though. You don’t want to irritate your skin.


4. A hot bath can aid good digestion

There’s no point in being too delicate here, but as we age, constipation can become an issue.


How does a hot bath help? Well, the answer is quite simple: our gastrointestinal health is intricately linked to our nervous system. Thus, the warmth from a bath is comforting and relaxing, which reduces those pesky stress hormones – responsible for the muscle spasms which prevent waste from moving efficiently where it should be going.


So, everything is more, relaxed. We’ll leave that one there.


5. A hot bath can reduce blood sugar levels

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, this benefit could be of particular interest.


Whilst we’re not claiming miracles here, nor are we doctors, it seems that researchers are now finding that a hot bath can help to reduce blood sugar and even reduce inflammation. (Please seek medical advice for clarification.)


The spike in body temperature increases the production of nitric oxide – the substance that helps the body to improve blood flow, and therefore transport glucose more effectively. Fascinating fact: bathing burns about the same calories as a half-hour walk.


So, there you are. Plenty of useful information to help you make your mind up about an easy access bath. More a must-have, than a nice-to-have, we think.


Now all you need to consider are your potions and lotions, a fetching bath cap, and your rubber duck.


Get in touch with Bathing Safety today for your free, no-obligation at-home survey for a mobility bath. And, start living your best life.