How To Choose the Right Colour for Your Bathroom

If a mobility bathroom from Bathing Safety is on your radar, then colour may not be at the top of your decision criteria.


Perhaps you’ve not even thought about it.


After all, if you’re unable to lift your legs over the edge of the bath, or nervous about slipping or tripping over in the shower, a fashionable shade and hue of your bathroom may not be at the top of your priority list. Safety first is your priority.


And that’s quite right. We agree.


With over 23 years’ experience in designing and installing accessibility bathrooms throughout Sussex and the South East, here at Bathing Safety we know a thing or two about mobility and wellbeing at home.


Equally, we recognise how essential it is to future-proof our work.


Bathing Safety’s range of level access shower rooms and obstruction-free bathrooms are designed to help you regain full use of your bathroom for your dignity, privacy and self-reliance. And, as a result, to enable you to stay safe at home for longer.


Your Surroundings Matter – We Know This Much is True


Yet, function doesn’t have to mean without form, or style.


In our opinion, and from the feedback we receive from customers, we know that where and how you live informs your wellbeing.


And besides, our mobility bathrooms are designed not to look that way. They’re just smart bathrooms that support your needs. Why not make the most of Bathing Safety’s sleek, stylish designs?


The Importance of Colour in Your Home


If you think about it, next to the kitchen, your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your property. It’s where you start your morning and get ready for your day.


Also, it could be where you’d like to go for your wind-down bath ritual at the end of the day. Given that you MAY be thinking about a new bathroom, now could be the time for a fresh start. Remember, a stylish bathroom could add considerably to the value of your home – so it’s worth bearing this important investment in mind.


Now is the time to reflect on your colour choices. Unsurprisingly, colour has an impact on our moods, so you’ll want to get it right. How would you like to feel when you step into your bathroom every day?


Our bathroom solutions are available in a subtle range of colours, and offer a sleek, modern look with clean lines.


They’re clutter-free, and a wonderful canvas on which you can build your own “look and feel”.


Once you’ve started enjoying your new bathroom, it’s time to add your own, unique style.


If you’d like to get creative, why not get some colour in your life? A painter and decorator’s deft touch on a wall or two could change up the look of your bathroom. Alternatively, play it safe and accessorise with new towels! Anything that lifts your spirits is good.


Here’s Some Colourful Food for Thought


Is it sunny, letting in lots of light? Or on the slightly dark side? Your Bathing Safety surveyor can advise on the perfect lighting if you’re not sure what would work best.


On the whole, lighter colours can make a room look bigger, whilst deeper shades retract slightly. If you have a small bathroom that you’d like to “enlarge”, white looks clean and modern. Of course, white is the classic, default choice and here at Bathing Safety, we know it’s what many people go for. Other colours work well, too – cool grey, or cream are excellent choices.


Is blue a good option for a bathroom? It can be. Powder blue looks classy on cabinets, and works well with cream walls; aqua is great with dark wood cabinets or flooring.


Green gives a fresh appearance, and if you have space for a pot plant or two (well out of the way, of course), then so much the better. Top tip: fake plants are amazing. You’d have to look remarkably close up to know that they’re not real. The lack of watering is a bonus, too.


Are you hoping to be energised? Bright colours are fabulous. Or, create a relaxing oasis of calm? Paler shades are more restful.


Contrasts in Texture and Colour


Using contrasting colours and textures not only looks stylish, it’s also easier to navigate between fixtures and fittings. For example, a dark textured, non-slip floor can create a clear walkway and indicate where to go, should you have a visual impairment.


We also offer bathrooms with a variety of accessible wallboards, slip-resistant tiles and anti-slip flooring options, all helping to add colour and texture whilst improving safety.


Crafty Colour Combinations


Grey and Mustard

Very contemporary, very chic. And, achievable. Grey has been fashionable in interior décor for some time now, and mustard is part of the newly contemporary stylish parade of yellows. The combination of cool and warm colours is a winner.


Rose Quartz and Sky Blue

Otherwise known as pale pink and pale blue, this is a delicate, feminine mix; muted, clean looking and unlikely to date. We think this is a sophisticated blend to charm the eye and delight the soul


Navy and Orange

Wow, you can’t miss the zing in this one. Orange is seeing a resurgence in popularity, and classic navy never goes out of style. Together, they’re sensational.



Black and white, for a chic, timeless look and feel. Tried and tested, it never fails to impress.


If you live in the South East, why not book your free, no-obligation survey for a mobility bathroom today? Your Bathing Safety surveyor has all the expert advice you need, and we’ll be able to offer you an accurate quote then and there.


And don’t forget to live your live in colour.