Bathing Safety FAQs

Welcome to the Bathing Safety FAQs page. Here at Bathing Safety, we’re here to help. And, there’s NO such thing as a stupid question!

Thinking about a mobility bathroom? We’ve put together this page for you to make informed decisions.


Here are some of the queries we hear most often, along with what we hope are useful, easy-to-understand answers. However, we’re aware that our bespoke bathrooms are a considered purchase, so don’t sit and wonder – there’s lots to think about. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, just get in touch with us.

Get in touch with the Bathing Safety team on 03442 16 16 16. You’re extremely welcome to visit our showroom in Lewes, where we’d be delighted to demonstrate our products, and discuss your needs.


Alternatively, we can come to you. Get in touch with us to arrange a free, no-obligation home survey.

Because we know bathrooms inside out, back to front – and sideways, if you see what we mean.


With 23 years’ experience, it’s fair to say that we’ve installed thousands of bathrooms for people with access and mobility issues in homes throughout the South East of England. Part of the Orange Badge Mobility Group, we’re proud to have helped so many people to live safer, more secure lives.


Whether you have a neurological condition that affects your balance, problems with joints, muscles, or a chronic health condition, we can design and install a bespoke, problem-solving mobility solution to restore access to your bathroom, giving you back your freedom, independence and comfort.

A Level access shower, as the name implies, is a shower without any step or lip. Installed with safe, slip-resistant flooring throughout your bathroom, you literally walk into it to enjoy a refreshing hot shower. Level access showers from Bathing Safety offer easy-drain flooring, and full thermostatic controls.


They’re available in assorted sizes, and can be installed with additional features such as seats, grab rails and easy-to-reach storage for all your favourite shower products.


A level access shower differs from a low threshold shower, of course. Click through to view our range.

Walk-in baths are deeper than traditional baths, and enable easy access for those with mobility problems. You step into the bath via a low-level door, shut the watertight door and allow it to fill with hot water for a relaxing soak in the bath.


Yes, they are secure, and no you won’t scald yourself. All models come with anti-scald, thermostatically controlled taps, manufactured to strict TMV3 standards. Choose a bath with, or without an integrated bath lifter to lower you gently into your tub, and then up again.


If you have difficulty getting in and out of a bath, perhaps due to muscle, joint or strength issues, a walk-in bath is ideal.

Yes, we can. You may not need a complete re-fit, and we’re happy to work on more minor projects.


However, we’re always thinking about the future, or rather, your future. You may find that investment now pays forward some health and wellbeing dividends, should you need greater support for mobility issues in the years to come. Talk to us about your options if you’re not sure.

A surveyor will visit you to discuss your concerns, and how you’re hoping we can help. He’ll then measure up, understand where your access issues are, and create a complete bespoke design that fits your bathroom, addresses your needs, and explains what goes where!


It’s easy to read, and will have all the information you need – including pricing.


You can decide then and there, or we’re happy for you to take all the time you need.

If you decide to choose Bathing Safety, your project manager will visit the property approximately two weeks after your initial appointment to conduct an in-depth analysis and review. The aim will be to establish all the “nitty gritty” of your bathroom re-modelling project – including plumbing, electricals and so on.


You’ll be able to fine-tune your confirmed choice of sanitaryware and fixtures. Then, we’re all ready to go.

Of course, and this is one of the most popular Bathing Safety FAQs. Within reason, we can install a mobility bathroom wherever you need it to be, regardless of size or location.


If we can do it, we will. We have over 23 years’ experience of designing, fitting and installing easy-access bathrooms – nothing has defeated us yet.

We’re afraid we can’t be precise, as everything will depend on our supply chain. It’s best to allow 6-8 weeks from your technical survey, but this will vary.


In all cases, we’ll be in touch in plenty of time to confirm your installation date to allow you to plan.

For a full re-fit, allow approximately five working days for a small bathroom, and 10 days for a larger bathroom. Where major construction is needed, or for sizeable, ultra-bespoke projects, you should allow at least three weeks.

As little as possible, but we need to be realistic: you’re most likely having a completely new bathroom installed in your home, therefore it will be a good idea to speak to a kindly neighbour, family member or friend regarding bathing or showering during the project.


If there is one toilet in the property, we’ll leave it in situ. Do advise us during the day if you need the loo, and your builders will pop out for a sandwich to respect your privacy.


Of course, we’ll leave everything spick and span at the end of each day. And, take away all your old fixtures and fittings when everything’s done.

Yes. The government requires a simple declaration to be made regarding the nature of your disability when you order from us. There’s no need to show proof. We just need to know the name and address of the person to whom we are supplying the mobility bathroom.


Then, there’s no VAT to pay.

Just get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.


Call us on 03442 16 16 16