Your At-Home Survey

Mobility Bathroom Surveys in Sussex

Bathing Safety offers free-of-charge mobility bathroom surveys in Sussex and throughout the South East. It’s impossible to offer you a quotation over the phone. Why? Because no one person’s needs are the same. 


Your bathroom adaptation will be entirely tailored to your requirements – so we need to see everything “in the round”.


Your surveyor will be able fully to understand your mobility issues. Also, he can discuss with you what your ideal, obstruction-free bathroom looks and feels like: a solution to what could be an awkward, uncomfortable problem. Perhaps even a dangerous environment right now.

Importantly, we’ll review and measure the room, and draw up your customised layout and quote in a grid plan.


Did you know? Most of our competition doesn’t offer this.


With Bathing Safety, that’s so much better already.


Allow about an hour and a half, although if you’re short of time we can cut the appointment down.


Talk to Us

Feel free to share with us as much personal information as you can. Don’t be embarrassed. Bathing Safety are the experts when it comes to mobility bathing, and we want to help you as much as we can.


We’ll advise a “future-proofed” solution if possible. A bathroom that’s perfect, not only for the months to come, but also to allow for further physical support as the years go on.

Accessibility Review – We Notice, We Care

Getting in and out of your bathroom is key, as is direct access through the room. We’ll review where everything is, too.


Is the floor slippery when it’s wet? Can you reach everything? Are you climbing over the edge of your bath – or trying to?


Perhaps getting in and out of your bath is difficult, or manual dexterity problems prevent you from using the toilet as you need to.

Importantly, we’ll review and measure the room, and draw up your customised layout and quote in a grid plan. 


Did you know? Most of our competition doesn’t offer this.


With Bathing Safety, that’s so much better already.

Your Bathroom Assessment

After measuring up, our recommendations may include either a partial or a complete re-fit, with brand-new features, which could incorporate a :


  • Level access shower
  • Easy, low-access bath
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Drainage system
  • Height-adjusted towel rail, vanity or storage cabinet, basin
  • Secure, easily accessible grab rails
  • Adaptable, hands-free toilet
  • Panelling and Tiling
  • Recessed lighting system

Measuring and Planning

Your Bathing Safety surveyor has an ultra-accurate eye for detail, as well as the experience and skills to create a fine-tuned, to-scale plan/drawing of your future bathroom. Our recommendations will be adapted to suit your mobility needs.

It’s thorough, it’s an entirely personal service, and everything is 100% bespoke.

As we often say – do it once, do it right. Generally, it’s better to start from scratch. With a Bathing Safety bathroom, we passionately believe that your new bathroom will serve your needs for life.

We’re Coming Fully Prepared

Peruse flooring samples, styles and colours, which you’re welcome to keep. Likewise, we can show you some of our previous work.

As you’ll notice – they don’t look like mobility bathrooms, do they?


An Accurate Quote

Thanks to our expertise, we can offer an accurate quote after measuring up and creating a layout plan. We’re happy for you to decide there and then. Or, we’ll leave everything with you for a later decision.


There’s no pressure, no hard sell and never any obligation for you to buy from us.


Yes, we’re biased. But, not all mobility bathroom surveys in Sussex are as careful, methodical and complete as those from Bathing Safety.